Ice Dragon Premium Vape Juice from ELiquid Depot

ELiquid Depot is a premium and reputed vape juice manufacturer to the e-liquid market, it has been spreading quickly in the various forums. I frequently read about the quality of their products, and flavors that they are producing.

Due to their decades of success, it took a little while for things to work out just right between the two us. When they were ready to send over some juice, I had too many bottles waiting and had to ask them to hold off for a bit. When I managed to leave some space and make room for their juice in the steeping drawer, they were working at a furious pace to keep up with customer demand.

Finally, our availabilities synced up and shortly after that; I received a handful of flavors from Vape Juice Depot.

When the vendor opts to include it in the vape juice they send over, I often begin a series of reviews from a leading vape juice company with their mint flavor…it’s relatively simple to mix a decent mint. So, I use that particular flavor as a yardstick of sorts since it tends to be a fairly reliable indicator of the skill set and level of quality I can expect from that juicer.

When the steeping time had elapsed for the juice ELiquid Depot sent over, without so much as a glance at their website, I grabbed ELiquid Depot’s Ice Dragon, a fresh vape device, and from the very first vape I knew these guys had something special.

While I was expecting a fairly run of the fruit mixed mint flavor, what I got was well above and beyond anything I had been anticipating. The inhale has a crisp, sweet, delicious, minty flavor to it, which mingles nicely with the blueberry medley I had been expecting on the exhale. The two sides of the profile come together flawlessly with the soft, sweet and crispy, delicious fruit, mingling effortlessly with the fresh, natural mint flavor to create a soft, delicate profile that is crisp, and refreshing.

What’s particularly interesting about this e-juice is that while the fresh mint flavor – like the crispness of the sea (not menthol, not kool-ade, or anything remotely similar, but pure, fresh mint) is exhilarating, the undertone of dragon fruit is almost crispy-sweet. The three flavors are beautifully balanced, and the end product is the flavor I find myself consistently drawn back to.


Not only is it the kind of feeling that I would consider as an easy all day vape, but it would also make for an excellent palate cleanser between flavors thanks to the subtle, delicate, clean flavors. The vapor is thick, and I think that helps give it an extra kick. It really vapes quite well for a low nicotine juice.


The flavor profile is just as intriguing and just as satisfying. It produces the throat hit with superb, but not exceptional vapor production. Ice Dragon is a truly delicious juice that I can’t get enough of. I sampled three of their flavors today and was thoroughly impressed with all of them. I can’t believe a company from my state is producing such good quality liquids! More people need to know about these!