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Here is our story

Get the best meal
right now

We started as a small restaurant but with great chefs, even better foods and a few secrets we managed to become special and the best option you can choose from at the moment.

2000 we are open
This is the year when we opened our door for our consumers for the first time. It was difficult, but special and rewarding.
2005 we got best ratings
This is the first time when we got 5 star rating from several experts in the industry. Thank you.
2015 We got a new place
In 2015 our whole restaurant was completely remodeled and transformed in something special as you can see right now. Come and see for yourself.
2020 We have another location
Now we have two restaurants. The second one will be available any time soon.

Our chefs

Hikari Yamato

Hikari Yamato

He has been working as a professional chef for 20 years in China and now he works with us.

Kiyagi Lee

Kiyagi Lee

She is a sauce chef, like you have never seen. She makes some of the most delicious sauces in the world.

Yamato Hi​

Yamato Hi

Our dessert expert who will make anything you like and impress you, every single time.